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Learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Leader, Business Advisor, Published Author, Web Developer

I’ve built solutions for Anaqua, GlobalPost, Kinko’s, Network Appliance, Rational Software, Sovereign Bank and others.

I Co-authored “The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7” with the best minds in Drupal,

and act as a Strategic Advisor to established business and start-ups.

“With enough coffee, I can do anything.”
Greg Stout, Presentation of Agile Development – 2009 SNHU

Marketing Leader

I have 20 years experience in online marketing working with business owners who are experts in their field but don’t want to become experts in marketing technology. I help develop and deliver messages they need to the audience they want.

Strategic Advisor

I’m a trusted partner that allows you to focus on running the business you know while getting the results you need. If you’ve ever found yourself saying, ”I wish we had someone who understood all this technology.”,
now you do.

Web Developer

I’ve built marketing websites and online solutions for some of the largest companies around. If you have a challenging project I can build it for you.


10 Most Popular WordPress Themes

Currently running 27.5 percent of all websites (yes, all of them), WordPress dominates the World Wide Web and is among the best website builders for small businesses. One of the things that keeps WordPress at the top is the wide variety of both free and premium themes...

Frontend Design

Somewhere between design – a world of personas, pixels, and polish – and engineering – a world of logic, loops, and linux – lies frontend design. Frontend design involves creating the HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code that makes up a user interface. A...

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If you think you could use my help, let’s connect. I enjoy hearing about new businesses and talking about what I do.

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