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10 Most Popular WordPress ThemesCurrently running 27.5 percent of all websites (yes, all of them), WordPress dominates the World Wide Web and is among the best website builders for small businesses.

One of the things that keeps WordPress at the top is the wide variety of both free and premium themes available to use. Themes enable you change the look and feel of your website, and more, with the click of a button and some themes are way more popular than others.

What Separates the Most Popular WordPress Themes from the Others?

This is where the ‘and more’ included in the explanation above plays in. In addition to changing the look and feel of your WordPress website, themes can also provide a framework that enhances the features and functionality of your site including:

  • Content: custom post types such as portfolio items and testimonials.
  • Display: custom widgets, shortcodes, and color pallettes.
  • Layout: text columns, image sliders, and page/post layout.
  • ‘No Coding’ Site Management: the ability to use the above features to customize your site without the help of a web developer or designer.That isn’t to say that all of the popular WordPress themes provides a framework. Some of the top 10 are popular becuase they come with WordPress by default.

    Which Are the Most Popular WordPress Themes?

    Over at, you can see a live view of the most popular WordPress themes. At the time of writing, the breakout looks like this:


10 Most Popular WordPress Themes


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